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Our shop got its start in 1972, in the Haight Ashbury District of San Francisco.

We were young, dreaming, and woven into the fabric of the 60’s youth culture,

that had influenced this little neighborhood as well as the rest of the country.  . Our good friend Curtis opened YE OLD STAINED GLASS AND CURIOSITY SHOP, in 1972, when  most of the stores on Haight street were boarded up.  Curtis was a pioneer in risking a new retail operation, that helped to breathe new life into a street that was already Exhausted from the intensity of the media magnification and distortion that hammered the neighborhood in 1967.

  The store focused on

Stained glass, and had an antique feel to it.  My husband, Steve, apprenticed with Curtis,

And learned some basics about stained glass work.  They had met through a common interest in meditation.  Steven and I met at a meditation  ashram on 21st street in San Francsco.  I was making jewelry, beaded work, and working on my writing.  I was 21 at the time, Steve was 22.  Steven was living at the shop, along with Curtis and 2 other friends, all interested in persuing meditation.  It was an interesting time, with Haight Street as a living room. 

I joined Steven much later, after I had been a street artist for a while, 1974-1976.   After a few intermittent jobs,  I resumed being a street artist, in 1994.  In 1998 I joined  Steven at

The shop permanently, giving up working as a street artist.

Steven and I have been together as a family, about as long as we’ve had our business. 

We have two lovely daughters as well as their families.


Our store is a culmination (an expression) of the community of artisans  we’ve had the privilege of

Connecting with over the last 40 years, sharing, teaching and shaping our sense of craft,

As we evolve as artists, and representatives of artists.


As craftspeople ourselves, we strive to offer work from various artists with an attention

To detail and originality that is commensurate with the quality we would expect from our own work, and with pricing that won’t make your toes curl up.


(show pictures of the old shop ………..to the new shop).


My own work, featured on this website, is a reflection of all of my experience working with precious and semi-precious stones, silver, and gold, for the last 47 years. 


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